011 – It’s never too late to start a positive routine – with Anthony

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Jurgen Rudolph chats with Anthony Berlingeri

Anthony talks about the affect of yoga and meditation on kids.

Start something small and it can grow exponentially.

What age is good to start children in yoga?  How do we stay present in the moment?  Anthony shares what a typical class looks like for the children.  Shifting and being present is key to Anthony’s style of this art.

Making yoga accessible to everyone from the workplace to retreats.

Anthony can be contacted on social media:

Facebook: Anthony Steven Berlingeri

LinkedIn: Anthony Berlingeri

Future website to follow and be on the show notes.

Listen to ways to help remove stress through yoga.

Key world self-regulation

Favourite Ted Talk:  Elizabeth Gilbert

Do something extraordinary but have less pressure on yourself

Key word “Flow State”

Favourite Quote:  “Be the change you want to be in the world.”

Yoga retreat in Tulum on the beach early March, 2016.  Message Anthony for more information.

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