024 – an Income Statement review – Kyle chats with Jurgen

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Kyle Skinner and Jurgen Rudolph chat

Past guest Andrew Skinner stops by the Walnut Street studio to host the 24th Episode of Open Roll. This episode has me learn what it is like to be a guest on a podcast.

As I get asked how I make money with a podcast I thought I would use this episode to answer that question and also shed some light on how you can make money doing a podcast.

During the episode we call it the Income Statement or my non-income statement as JKR Financial is the sole sponsor it picks up the costs of hosting the podcast website and the subscription to Podcaster’s Paradise, an online resource on how to create, grow, and monetize a podcast.

Below are some areas that a podcast makes money (and the definition).

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.19.54 AM


My idea with this podcast is to record our journey in the show notes. We have completed 4 months as of this episode.

As the journey continues our income statements will become more detailed.

In the last quarter of the show I share my 3 takeaways for financial planning from what I have learned since starting the podcast.

My expanded explanation of the 3 is to think long term. I think they are different from each other with one being fundamental, another for the future and the last basic and boring. Enjoy the listen to find out what they are.

Favourite Book:

My two favourite books I have read recently are, Bold by Peter Diamandis and Alice in Wonderland. I like to balance my reading between fiction and non-fiction.



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