029 – this DCAF gives you less jitters with the market – with David

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Today’s guest is David Culig.

What is DECAF? Well, it’s DCAF.

Today David Culig stops by the studio at Walnut Street and shares one tool for the investment world that has saved many investments from market declines.

Sound too good to be true? I believe mathematics trumps human emotion (investing) every time.

What is DCAF? Well, it is systematic deposits into an investment. For example, using easy math, $52,000 in a “DCAF” world be $1,000 once a week investing/entering the market, on a Monday.

Why does Dynamic select Mondays? Because historically, Monday is the lowest, or worst day, of the week. (That helps with the other theory of buy low and sell high.)

Please check out Dynamic Mutual Funds website, I find it is a great resource for understanding “DCAF” along with other research material on financial matters.

Website: www.dynamic.ca

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