030 – Faceless Corp vs Passionpreneur

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Today’s guest on the Open Roll Podcast is Leslie Smith-Aragona

Upcycling is Leslie’s specialty. What is upcycling? It is making a high quality piece that has lost its use (maybe a moth hole or blemish) into an original masterpiece that has a new life.

Shirts, vests, and jeans are the latest fashion for men. Upcycling at The Thrifty Designer is a great alternative to spending money at “big brand” stores in a mall.

Leslie does all the work herself and makes, original to the owner, pieces. I ask a question about bringing in an existing wardrobe and having Leslie revamp it. You can hear her response in the first part of the episode.

We hear about taking a leap from working in a big company to starting a small business, that is her passion. Never look back. A small sole proprietor now has so much more advantages over a big corporation. It is the best time in history to be in business for yourself.

We learn about Leslie’s favourite podcasts that are related to fashion and design.

You can find Lesley at all the social media platforms below.

Favourite Book/On the Go:

Love Style Life by Garance Dore

Leslie’s Graphic Designer:

Michael Berry is a freelance designer as well as a Creative Director at 92Designs in Toronto. Working collaboratively with Business Manager, Brian Webster – they specialize in brand and web design. You can see his freelance work at michaelberrycreative.com or his studio work at 92designs.ca

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