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Jurgen goes on location to chat with Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach.

The podcast idea came out of an idea when Jurgen was in a workshop and Dan was in his cafe, in Toronto (he doesn’t have an office). Dan was at his table and Jurgen sat down, introduced himself, and Dan loves podcasts.

Dan has worked with Peter Diamandis, Author of Bold. Peter is the founder of XPRIZE. XPRIZE will think of a significant technological/scientific breakthrough, then define some very simple rules that would launch a contest that people any where in the World can apply to be contestants. After reading about a woman, in Vanity Fair, who had done quite well, there was one thing she wanted to do, which was to go into space. He contacted her, and she financed the contest.

Peter and Dan have created a program called Abundance 360, which happens at the end of January, every year, in Los Angeles. Joe brings fascinating, technology people from all over the World, and they tell the audience what they are up to, and combine insights. People can then appreciate and explore technology and how it affects people.

It’s not your net worth, it’s your network. Dan says you can have wealth and not have any influential connections around the world. Podcasts can be unscripted and that can be very successful. It is a great form of communication. The technology can create a huge network. This type of network wasn’t available 10 years ago.

Exponential Wisdom podcast series talks about breakthroughs like, 3-D printing, crowd funding,
and deep data. Dan is interested in what the human response to these technologies is, how are they utilized, and boundaries that are drawn. If the technology isn’t friendly to us, we won’t be friendly to the technology. Dan gives examples like the Concorde jet, and the jet lag, or the Segway, and how it makes you look using it. It all comes down to what humans are comfortable with.

There are “wants” and “needs”. “Wants” will motivate you, as opposed to a “need” to do it.

This conversation with Dan will continue in Part 2.


Dan’s newest book The 4 Cs Formula: strategiccoach.com/go/openroll

Website: strategiccoach.com
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