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We didn’t know this at the time of recording this episode but, Kyle is actually one of the stars of The Bachelorette Canada – Season 1.

Kyle has been on previously as a guest and a guest-host, and drops in to discuss his business changes.

A love for photography and web design lead to helping people grow their social media presence. There are 2 ways Kyle can manage the social media for a person, the client can be “hands off” (which he advises against, because it loses the heart). The other way is to grow the audience size. Without an audience, there is no point to the content. When you expose your brand to more people, you get more action, more engagement, and more conversation. Kyle likes to offer “best practices” to help grow your social media presence.

Having an archive of content means you could repost for new followers to see your older content. Identify your more popular posts, cycle through your content. It is a snowball effect.

Kyle will use himself as the “test pilot” and experiment to see what works best.

The idea of social media is to be social. Don’t make it all business, let people see life moments also. You have to let people in, so you become human to the followers (insight). This can lead to true followers, not “bought” followers.

It is better to have real followers, who engage with your site.

Building a mailing list is also important, as that is something that is yours, it can’t be taken away by the social media site, or deleted by them (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

People like to be a part of something. As your audience grows, engagement happens. Do you. Post the content that makes you happy. Your competition is only yourself. Focus on the creative.

Hashtags are big. Don’t get lost in the hashtags that are too big. Create your own. It is easy to add to posts. It’s a way to identify content. All your content is valuable.

You have to keep your followers. The future – it is not so much about your net worth, as your network.

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