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Past guest, Joseph Robert of Fantasy Framez, joins us again. The Fantasy Football Counselor now has his own podcast (Fantasy Football Counselor). Joseph was a guest on Episode 19.

Joseph was in sales, but, found he had a passion for football and fantasy football. His product is a frame (fantasyframez.com). David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals backs his product and the brand.

After being on the Open Roll Podcast, Joseph thought he would like to do his own podcast about fantasy football. He is 4 months in and is loving it. He is finding his podcast is being well received and downloaded. He is proud and excited. His podcast is direct and humble, they get the information right away. He does his own ads if he needs them. He likes to keep the podcast is direct and straight to the point, no “cheesiness”. There is a lot of interaction with the followers.

Joseph used Podcaster’s Paradise, same as the Open Roll Podcast did, for starting up. This program helps you get going and get the podcast off the ground. There are quite a few steps to getting it going.

Losing his dad has been a driving force to help Joseph succeed. Doing something for someone else can be very motivating.

There are so many platforms available for getting your message across (i.e. blogs, youtube, podcasts). The important thing is building that network to have people receive your message and creating a community. He is also doing Facebook Live on Sunday mornings, prior to the football games, and answers questions. You have to create value. Technology is changing how business is done.

Joseph talks about an interactive sports app that lets you interact with live games (play calls, compete with friends, chat).



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Listen to Episode 19 with Joseph Robert here

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