062 – the Medicine Cabinet – with Dan

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Dan, from episode 14, drops by to talk about The Medicine Cabinet.

The knowledge the people have on the products available is extensive.

THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis, this is the part that gives the effects of being high, helps with sleep, pain management and appetite. CBD is cannabidiol and that is being researched as a healing part of the plant, for example in children with seizures. There is value in the plant in it’s natural form.

There are various forms the plant can be found in, oils, capsules, edibles, dried, depending on the use and need. The future will tell how the legalization will proceed.

Dan opened, and put on a comedy show at the 420 celebration at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto. Thousands of people were in attendance, the crowd was well-behaved. At one point during the show an activist from British Columbia was giving away free cannabis seeds (in an effort to raise awareness and acceptance – Overgrow Canada). As people pushed forward to get the free seeds the barricades were being pushed, the small woman says to the crowd, “stop” and everyone stopped. The barricade remained unmoved. There was no further pushing or incident of anyone getting hurt.

The ability to freely exchange information on a global scale has never been as available as it is now. You cannot suppress true and information.

The dispensary has been around since March. The mail-order system is a flawed system and the Medicine Cabinet fills that void for people who have the appropriate paperwork in place. Only an M.D. can prescribe cannabis.

Doctors see less need for prescribed pain medications with people using medical marijuana for pain management. People are becoming more informed and educated. A person with a doctor’s prescription can obtain their marijuana through one approved licensed producer. Having someone that people can ask questions is beneficial to increasing knowledge about what the treatment is. Edibles can be very beneficial for people who do not wish to smoke, and the relief is still obtained from the treatment.

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