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This week’s guest is Naren from Ekwa Marketing.

Helping doctors who want a bigger future, through websites, social media, reputation management, etc. They then track the results and create a plan to grow.

Naren is a high “quick start” on the Kolbe assessment. Kolbe is a system, where people go through an assessment (answering questions) to determine your unique abilities. There are 4 modes, fact finder, follow through, quick start, and implementer. A low quick start just wants bullet points, but a high quick start would like lots of details. Knowing your strengths helps you work with others that can compliment your abilities. We all have abilities and once you discover yours lets you be who you are and if you are allowed to maximize those abilities in team work, it can be energizing. Quick start likes to improvise and figure things out, others like to plan everything out. It isn’t right or wrong, just simply realizing your strengths and abilities. Your team should compliment one another.

A book Naren recently read is The End of Average, it describes how we came up with this idea of average. We don’t need people to do what computers can do – automated tasks. Knowing people are unique, you can create teamwork where each team is amazing. We are moving from mass corporations to smaller entrepreneurs, niche businesses, all imagining and creating things that are unique and different. There is no need to beat the others, just be who you are, and create a team that brings out the best. We are moving from bigger is to better, to smaller is better. You don’t have to be everything to everybody. Sometimes you have to ask if the paradigm is right. Everyone is currently standardized, what if the current paradigm is gone, maybe rethink the entire system. Current medical treatment boils down to six words: Have disease, take pill, kill something. What if instead of isolate and kill, we grow the solution.

Services will evolve over time to accommodate technological changes. There will be trial and error as we move forward. What works best for your customer. The idea of retirement is changing as well. Many people are thinking why not enjoy life before retirement. You can keep living and creating a bigger future, doing the things you love to do. There is no limit at 65, you may just have to adjust your pace.

Naren works from home and employs 170 people who all work from home (in 6 different countries). They have had to move from how things are “supposed to be done”, having people show up for work at a certain time, stay at their desk for a certain number of hours, and leave at a certain time. Their time is structured to suit them. They have had to rethink processes. Once you get into this, you realize it can keep evolving.

Naren has a podcast he is launching (growingdentist.com) it is for dentists, who are a large part of his customer base. There are 2 types of people, those who see the glass half full and those who see it as half empty. The ones looking for innovation are the ones that Naren enjoys working with. Hopefully, it is inspiring and helps people along the way. It’s for dentists who are business owners who want to grow by taking control of their lives, using their imagination and creativity.

Entrepreneurs admire other entrepreneurs they appreciate and admire the efforts of their successes.

The fact that the podcast is allowing listeners to get to know you and hear you is huge, you can’t put a price on that. How much would you pay to have your ideal client listen to you because they want to – maybe through a share from someone else or because they found your podcast. Marketing is about growing confidence. You are now motivated. When you give more, you get more. Those listeners will get to know you because you share a mindset and they get comfortable with you. A growth mindset is the people who see the glass as half full, how do I use my connections and team to build my future, they don’t blame others, they make it work.

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