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Dylan of Big B Comics, Hamilton is our guest. They are working at different ways to engage customers and bring people into the store. You need to specialize in a few related products such as vintage toys, retro video games, and the current comic book market. You need to have a full “tool box” to be useful. The new comics come out every Wednesday. At a point, you need to have people want to come into the store more frequently by providing a variety of what people can buy, as well as having top-notch customer service. It makes a difference, people are then invested and look for the experience and appreciate the community. A trust and common interest is built. Large retail chains aren’t always able to offer this experience.

Big B has a social media presence. They started about a year ago on Instagram, when images are posted it jogs people’s minds of what they are looking for. They will put a collection of books on the social media sites and put them on the “hot wall”, it helps draw people in, they can see it remotely from the store.

Smaller markets are able to engage with customers in the niche cultures. There is a loyalty, a belonging. You need to try new things and move forward. It’s not about being average.

The owner of Big B is very hands on with regards to the business and has been in the business for a number of years.

Social media allows you to reach further. You can put information out and it creates a crowd around it. It is almost a secondary culture outside of the store.

Recently, Big B has put more time into their email list and the newsletter. They have evolved their newsletter. Creating information that readers will find useful and also providing contact with customers is very beneficial. Subject lines are very important to engage the reader. Planning your social media around holidays and events and putting them into your calendar is a good way to interest followers.

Big B likes to encourage children and youth to read through various programs. There is also a large adult client base. Television and media, of course, can play a part in influencing people to want to check out new things. Sometimes you have to realize if that is what brought them into the store, then it is a good thing. All different people, from all walks of life are fans.

People have more freedom, more of a voice now, than ever before. There is a story for everybody, everyone can be included.

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