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Today’s guest is Anthony Berlingeri. Anthony is a past guest on the show, from episode 11, and was talking about organizing a yoga retreat. The yoga retreat was held in Tulum, the participants practiced yoga and meditation, and became a close group. It was a beautiful setting and a soulful journey. Shaman are drawn to this area. Meditation is like setting a sail, you can safely seek answers to your questions, by feeling more connected. When you are in a place of wanting answers, something needs to shift in your life and you aren’t sure what or how. Meditation is slow.

Social media – Facebook – is one of the ways Anthony gets the information about his retreat out to people, as well as word of mouth. Facebook also allows people to get to know the person. It is more personal.

Anthony has another retreat planned, back in Tulum. The information is on Facebook. He is thinking of having a local retreat planned as well. The benefit is well-being, taking a pause and to quiet your mind. You can see a shift in your mind. Take a step back and to be back in touch with yourself and your soul and what drives you on an emotional level is beneficial. What drives you, what brings you joy. Then when you go back into your “regular” day, you have focus.

Meditation allows you to “re-wire” the circuitry of your brain. The benefits are plentiful, for learning, memory, positive outlook, more sympathetic and empathetic. People are looking for these things, meditation allows for this.

A retreat to a tropical place combines the relaxation of a vacation, adventures and the benefits of creating a healthy lifestyle. Music has evolved from Anthony’s meditation. To bring in the music to the retreat is a beautiful addition.

Anthony has done some one day retreat style events. A day of breathing techniques, yoga, and self-reflection. This is a shortened experience, in comparison to the Tulum week long retreat where it is more immersive.

When creating something the first time, you have that worry or hesitation are people going to want to be a part of this, will it be successful. You want to make sure they have a good experience. Be confident in what you are creating. You can worry, or you can focus your energy on what you are creating. Those fears will still creep into your mind, but working in your passion will shine through.

Social media is a “coming together”. All these platforms come together, and bring people together. Having a website to have individual products, more interactive material is the ideal platform to share. Being able to share is engaging. When you are doing something that you are passionate about, it isn’t about selling yourself, it’s selling something that really helps people. Sharing tools, it is effortless. A website is far-reaching and can be done right where you are. It is very simple to create now.

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