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Today our guest is Corynne of Frijoles Locos in Playa Grande. They have been in business for 10 years – November 3, 2017. The story started with Corynne and her husband, Ian, meeting in Playa Grande. In the early days there wasn’t much in the area. This allowed for great opportunities. On a trip to renew her visa Corynne met people while surfing. They gave her a ride back on their boat. She was offered a job as a nanny. Over a period of time they got to know each other and that is who their original investor is. The idea of the surf shop, day spa, and vacation rentals was presented and he financed it and made it possible. Combining their talents and what they know made it work.

It was important to ensure they were diversified. On beautiful, sunny days people may not want to be indoors, but on rainy days or for the “surfer widows” (women whose husbands are out surfing) they can be enjoying a massage. They have continued to grow. Over the years they have discovered what works and what doesn’t. The surf shop has become bigger and better. They are learning as they go.

Tim Ferriss had been to the area for a surf trip. Brad Gerlach was hired to be the coach, Ian was asked to be the assistant coach. Tim was out learning to surf. He was an interesting and inspiring person.

The area is magical and spiritual. It feels right there, it’s beautiful. Frijoles Locos offers vacation package deals and caters to families or to couples and small groups. You could have surf lessons, go cycling, you will feel like you are on vacation. There is not a lot around, there is no distraction. Nature is pure. The local people are not affected by stress the way people in big cities are. The local people live with their families. They take care of their elderly, it is inclusive.

Frijoles Locos is all about supporting and developing a sustainable, eco-friendly attitude. Hurley has provided them with a filtration system that is on the wall to refill water bottles – this helps eliminate plastic water bottle waste. People can get into a new habit, learn an alternative to the convenience of bottled water. It is important and helping people become aware. Another example is having people become aware of the importance of saying “no” to plastic straws. In Playa Grande it is a national marine park for leatherback turtle nesting. Plastic straws and bags are detrimental to marine life. Many restaurants in the area are not using plastic straws.

The reach of the shop is worldwide – it is interesting to see the logo on cars or t-shirts and then posted to social media. It is a sense of community a connection.


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