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Stefanie Burke is the guest today. Random times during the day, when a thought strikes you, and you need to write it down, before it is lost. We are vessels for creativity, ideas, inspiration, harness them or let them go.

At Speedpro, there are plenty of opportunities for creativity, and it allows the staff to work with the customer for what they are envisioning. It needs to be visual and also convey a message of who you are, and tell a story. A conversation about what is needed is what can lead to the end design. You have to use multiple design elements to tell a story.

We are less defined by who we are surrounded by and more defined by the people who we choose to interact with online. Generation C isn’t about when you were born, it’s about how you are engaged. When we engage online we are selecting who and what we want to engage with, google suggests things we would like, in that world we are missing out on a variety. If we don’t engage with the physical community we are removed from the variety. It is interesting and scary. There is part of the new generation – the ideas coming out of them – there is more creativity for solutions. They have seen possibilities, they have always known the internet, there are limitless possibilities.

The idea of being fed advertisements, versus choosing what you want to see, there are so many avenues. When you deal with the freedom world, there is no censorship. You want the ability to have more freedom. We are not limited by geography or scale. If you have an idea, you just move forward, it’s on you, focusing on the chance that it could work. We are so concerned about failure we don’t pursue ideas that could be game-changers.

To make an effective display – you need a targeted audience. Know who you want to attract. What you want them to take away. What kind of imagery is going to attract them. This is part of the success of having a business. You need to tailor the way to draw your demographic. How you represent yourself will attract different people to your business.

Generation C is looking for connectivity, and with technology, we are freed up to make those connections.

Speedpro wants to understand your business and provide solutions. What story do you want to tell.

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