078 – The power of disrupters – with Britney

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Today Britney Guerra is on the Open Roll Podcast talking about disrupters, vapour lounges and dispensaries.

Previously, Britney worked for Cannabis Culture magazine, as the advertising manager. In Canada you can have a medical marijuana licence. There is mail order marijuana system, and dispensaries have started popping up. Her dispensary in Burnaby, British Columbia, was open for 3 months before it was shut down. She compares the movement of dispensaries from the west to the east like a train – similar to how the country was traversed years ago. It isn’t that jobs go away, it’s that they change. If you are an entrepreneur right now, you need to embrace change, it’s happening in all different industries and with currency. You can’t put your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening. There is no need to create a government run dispensary when there are already dispensaries operating. The industry is already established. It can help the economy.

There are bigger issues than the dispensaries being closed down. The businesses can help lift up the area and bringing in activity. It is a relaxed atmosphere. In a meeting with the BIA, they were asking a few simple requests for minor clean up and having an ashtray, they are doing their best to fit in and support the neighbourhood. It is a very diverse crowd that visits the store.

Where California goes, is where the World goes. As an example, smoking inside offices, restaurants and bars, this was eliminated in the 90s. People where then smoking outside. The example was then followed here in Canada. It is time to modernize, you have to embrace technology. The power of disrupters.

Mobile phones and social media have allowed us to decentralize. People are sharing information. This helps progress everything right now, it brings power to the people. It is connecting everyone.

When you prohibit people from doing something, they figure out a way to do it.

Britney is in the process of creating a dispensary opening consultancy business. It is a full service consultation, from helping get display cases and cameras to the product. She has the means to connect people, and she can help people in this industry. Building an online course, because you bring a value, it is across many verticals. People would have to find their space and then she will help from there. There is a reasonable fee that would be charged for this service. You will get the best connections. The power of social media is the connection.

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