080 – The Entourage Effect – with Tamara

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Tamara is our guest from Pacifico dispensary, and has been facing difficulties with her landlord and the city.

People are aware of this, the biggest current social justice movement of our time. People who go into dispensaries are looking at the products as medicine. They getting away from pharmaceuticals and using medical marijuana.

There are bigger issues out there to use resources towards. Put resources into things that are killing people.

After eating fish that was affected by dinoflagellates, Tamara was afflicted with the toxin which caused neurological and painful symptoms. She was on medications to deal with the pain and recovery. She was offered a vape pen to help her assist with the condition. The vape pen is very discreet. To go from pain to no pain, she was unsure if it was because she was high. Tamara then learned that there were other ways to use marijuana without the effect of getting high from the THC. Which led to her wondering why was it illegal.

After visiting a dispensary in Toronto, she was interested in looking into opening her own dispensary. She was anxious to fulfill the needs for people who were in similar situations to her own. She designed a model for what she felt a warm clinic should like, that was aimed at wellness and holistic with safe products, as well as non-smokables to appeal to those who do not wish to smoke. People are looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals. People are looking for something natural.

Synthetic forms would not have the “entourage effect”. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together for a desired medical effect. When you take out certain parts, you will not get the benefits of the whole thing working together. The whole plant is effective, even when “juiced”, is the best, that is the entourage effect. This is where the greatest benefit comes from.

There are licensed producers (LP) who are trying to do things like sustainable production. These companies are getting bought up by larger producers.

Buying online from a licensed producer is the legal way to purchase with a medical licence, currently. Dispensaries are providing reasonable access. Online purchases are subject to possible mail strikes, packages going missing, and large minimum orders. Dispensaries can offer smaller quantities, you can see the profile and what works for your condition, as well as preferred administration method. The staff at dispensaries can guide and are knowledgeable to educate people, as well as the community. “Start low and go slow.” There are many strains available at most dispensaries, and this is providing reasonable access. Knowledge of the product is valuable.

Emails and phone calls to reach out council members of your city. Ensuring you copy the mayor into your emails to the members makes it more noticeable. Phone calls to your ward, also show your support.



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