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Our guest today is Jomar, he joins us to talk about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

AR is accessible to many mobile devices to be used anywhere in your environment and with VR you are closed off into one environment and completely immersed in that virtual environment.

The Oculus Rift, combined with a gaming computer, is a head-mounted apparatus, that allows the user to be completely immersed in a virtual world.  It is a high level VR experience.

For training, augmented reality will be huge.  Glasses that can project instructions anywhere, and on-the-go.

Other applications could be for retail and allow shoppers to virtually see what clothing, makeup, etc., could look like without actually trying anything on.

Having a mobile phone, the capabilities are out there.  An example is Pokemon Go.  Practical applications are sure to follow.

With 360 degree video people can feel as if they are in another person’s shoes and see the environment and see everything.  With virtual reality you can be totally immersed.  You can be anywhere.  It will change tourism for example, and allow you to visualize the area you would like to see.  For consumerism, you can visit shopping malls in VR, and pick and choose what you want to buy.  For real estate, 360 degree video, you would be able to see every nook and cranny.  This is huge for real estate sales in locations that are further away, rather than travelling.  You would be able to see the good and bad.  This could also be applicable to Air BnB which would give a better idea of what the room is like.

There are many practical applications for VR, beyond gaming.  There will be many everyday life applications.

What will come beyond the current technology remains to be seen.  Glasses with holograms into your real world is something that is being developed.  Those glasses could map your surroundings constantly.  The applications are endless.  For example the furniture industry, you would be able to “drag” in furniture into your renovated room to see how it would look and change the colours, etc.

The ability to play, for example youtube videos, anywhere you wish, would be a useful tool/feature for when you are using the video for instruction.  Another example would be for training and having instructions and manuals.  This would free up your hands, no need for a laptop/phone, it would be easy to view wherever is easy to glance at.

There is so much knowledge to be obtained online, many are free, or minimal costs.  The ability to find online courses is so easy to find and use now.  People will upload a course and offer it for a nominal fee.  The basics are out there to be obtained.  There are many different people as well as universities and professors offering the courses.  What technology changes are going to happen in the next 40 years are beyond what we can comprehend.  Even 5 years in the future, the changes will be amazing.

Virtual chat rooms will change how meetings can be held.  You would be able to meet with people around the world.  You would be represented by a 3D figure (avatar) of yourself and be able to communicate and interact.  Everyone can chat and mingle, but the VR room would be similar to an actual environment, in that you could talk in one corner of the room without being overheard by the whole room.

It’s an amazing world we live in.


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