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Tia joins us fresh from her latest title and belt win.  She started when she was 20, with the intention of being a kick boxer, but started with jiu jitsu.  She participated in tournaments and went from there.  She does some training at Jackson Wink Camp as well as with Jeff Joslin (her coach).  Depending on the tournament there can be more emotion involved.  Participating in an event where you are the central fight, there is a different perspective.  Tia shares how it is different each time before the event and walking down to the cage.

Jeff has coached Tia on bringing everything together for her fight, and making this fight about one, about MMA.  It is a complete sport.  This helps pull the opponent into your world.   There is more at stake than when you are training.  When your adrenaline is high, it feels as though circumstances are happening differently then they are.  It doesn’t always feel as it is happening.

Ontario has recently started doing same day weigh-ins.  Tia is hoping to be in another weight division for her next fight.  Due to a skill gap or different levels of fighters it is difficult to find fights to compete in.  Tia is hoping to go pro, and go for UFC and Invicta fights.  Invicta fights are only women’s fights.  Tia shares her perspective on women’s fights vs men’s fights and participants in the sport.

When you are on a journey to prove something, it helps to have a fire inside you, it keeps the drive going.  People will tell you “you can’t do” something, and the notion to prove them wrong is a strong motivator.  The most motivating thing can be, being told “you can’t”.  The fire is then lit.  Using the anger when you are training is ideal, but during the fight, that can be too tiring.  Using the anger in your training, the day of the fight you are free to the fight.  You learn a little bit from everybody and then make it your own.  Try different strategies and see what works for you.

You can’t be afraid of failing.  If you aren’t afraid or embarrassed of your first edition, then you waited too long to launch.  You will never be ready there is only ready enough.

There is a balance in training, you don’t want to burn yourself out.  There is conditioning and intensified training when preparing for a fight.  Tia discusses the differences, and weight cuts.  There is a lot of controversy over the weigh-ins, hydration and brain injuries.

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