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Our guest today is Emily, she is a Naturopathic Doctor.  Emily was introduced to naturopathic medicine early in her life, from her mom.  Through research she learned of herbal substances and supplements, as well as exercise and lifestyle.  Many conventional doctors, unfortunately, just do not have the time to spend with each patient, due to the design of the system.  To become a naturopathic doctor, there are 2 accredited schools available in Canada, and it is a 4 year program.  While they learn about pharmaceuticals, they also learn about acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counselling, and herbs.  It is more holistic.  Many benefit plans cover this type of care.  The primary care is diet and lifestyle counselling and herbs and supplements.  Many companies use their health spending accounts (HSA) to cover the costs.

There is a need and place for conventional medicine, but we need everything.  There is a lot that can be done with supplements.  At a health food store, there are so many options, it is hard to determine what is right, or if the herbs have been third party tested.  Also, you have to be aware of interactions with medications.  This is where a naturopathic doctor comes in.  Many people want to be the best version of themselves.

Eating a whole orange or some broccoli, there are so many health benefits, rather than reducing it down to one part (for example vitamin C), has so many benefits.  Sometimes the benefits of drugs outweigh the side effects.  Starting with diet and lifestyle, then looking at supplements, then looking at medications.  Sugar cravings can be related to changes in the body.  Many people will relate to not having enough sleep and then the craving for sugar the next day, and the changes in appetite.  Sleep alone impacts so much on your body, there is so much, especially over time.  The blue wavelength of light from electronic devices has a big impact on our bodies when we are trying to get ready for sleep.  A cool, dark room will help with preparing for sleep.

Emily’s background is in medical research, and she enjoys writing.  She started her blog when she was in medical school and it is a great way to get information out there to everyone about the value of naturopathic medicine.  With naturopathic medicine there is the ability to spend more time with the patient and you can investigate a little more with the individual.

Emily touches on her research that she has read about addiction and the various things that can impact on addiction.  There are so many factors.  Following the podcast, Dr. Lipinski provided an amendment to our discussion on addiction indicating that, Gabor Maté is a medical doctor that has alluded to research regarding studying how animals feel attached and safe when breastfed.  Without breastfeeding, it can reduce the feeling of attachment and could increase the experience of drugs and alcohol in the future, potentially increasing addiction.  As well, childhood abuse and neglect can be important factors to consider for addiction.

Infusion Health is a corporate wellness business, providing wellness services to various size businesses in Ontario.  Offering wellness lectures and health fairs.  Anxiety and depression is a rising disability claim in Canada.  There is a lack of coping tools, which may contribute to the anxiety, depression, and stress.  There are many changes in the workplace environment, which are also factors.  People need a break or relaxation period to deal with stress.  The goal is to increase employee engagement, productivity, and reduce sick days, resulting in a more productive company overall.

Emily enjoys having the one on one with patients, but also enjoys speaking in front of people and seeing the changes.  People can have healthy changes, weight loss, diet improvements, sleeping better, which leads to a better workplace.  The results are so fulfilling.

Naturopathic medicine has changed in the past 10 years, people are realizing the value of the science behind it.  There is a demand from Canadians seeking this type of service.

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