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Jimmy of www.youmoveme.com joins us today.  The moving business is working with people who are in a stressful situation in their lives.

As movers, they are moving people’s cherished belongings.  Moving people who have lived in their homes for a lifetime, and have never moved before.  Those people have collected all their things and the movers are responsible for their belongings.

There are many different situations and living conditions that are moved.  There can be certain preparations that have to be followed to deal with some extreme circumstances.  There are other situations where people may be getting out of a house quickly, which leads to another type of preparation and moving.  They see it all, from amicable to hostile, each situation is different.  They see all different ends of moving from first home, to upgrading, to downgrading, and also moving to a retirement home.

As movers, they live that one moment, one chapter of the story, and then they are on to the next story.  When first in the business, it would be overwhelming with the stories, and now, it is everyday.

After living in France, Jimmy wanted to move back to Canada with his kids, he had family in the business, and he partnered with his brother-in-law and bought a franchise.  It is an exciting challenge.  Competition can be high.  You want to do a quality job, and deliver an experience.  You want to give them an experience they won’t forget.  There are many poor movers available, due to amateurs in the business.  You want a reputable company to move your items.  The toughest part is hiring the right people.  They spend a lot of time and money on their guys.  The guys are the front-line people – these are the people that are remembered.  If you have great guys as movers, they are who are remembered.  Referrals are a big part of their business, if you have really good people you will be referred.

Everyone has moved themselves, at one time.  When you hire professional movers, you expect a professional job.  Experience, packing of the truck, ensuring everything is protected and how furniture is moved are all part of the technical aspects of the service.  It is a very physical job.

A positive focus in the morning is a good practice for a high demand, potentially stressful business.

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