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This episode was recorded at the (BNI) Business Network International meeting with an audience.

Daniel Ott of White Willow Design is our guest.

A little history on houses and small spaces. Historically, pioneers would build 15 x 15 one room, log homes – they didn’t have a lot of stuff – it was functional. During World War I, wartime homes were being built, 20 x 20, but a storey and half. There are still people living in those wartime homes, but now have more stuff.

Hallways are wasted space. Minimizing the hallways, making them shorter helps save space. Walls also take up a lot of space, due to furniture near walls you need space to walk around. Redesigning the space to minimize those can maximize your space. Furniture designed for smaller spaces can also help. In these spaces you have to think how to use something twofold. Spaces can have double function.

Sometimes another alternative is adding a second storey to your home. Engineering may have to be done to support the addition. You would also have to do work to the existing storey to make it work.

Daniel has a few youtube videos on home design projects.

Daniel’s quote can be summarized into, “Work hard or die”.

Tiny homes are something that is gaining popularity, but they are not available in Ontario. The building code does not meet the minimum sizes and therefore are not allowed. Also, lots require certain zoning restrictions as well, in Ontario at this time. It’s trending, but at this current point it isn’t available.

Questions from the audience:

What is a tiny house? 250 to 400 square feet.

What ministry is in charge of the zoning laws? It is hierarchal. It is not only provincial but also municipal. It would have to change at the provincial level then municipal.

How much of Daniel’s job involves zoning? Commercial projects more than residential projects, but about 30%.

Is open concept idea still popular? Yes, not as much as before. More open than it used to be 40 years ago.


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