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Our guest today is Jen Stokes, of Chez Dine.  They are what Air BnB is to accommodation, and Uber is to transportation, Chez Dine is to food.  They will be launching an app for local and then globally.   You will be able to go on your app and connect with in-home dining options.

Currently, Jen is working with the Innovation Factory in Hamilton.  They have been incredibly supportive.  They are doing a lot of PR and testing the market here, locally.  After a recent visit to Peru, Jen had an experience regarding a shared dinner.  A couple she met, teach yoga and have a Japanese/Peruvian food stand in their local market.  The stand is just “getting by”.  Jen is invited to come and try the food, the local market is not known by tourists.  They decided to host a meal at their home and it was a huge success.  This is a more authentic experience.

It is a taste of togetherness, and connecting with other people.  Breaking bread can really connect people.

The app is not live just yet.  They are working with a developer in Hamilton they are having the app developed within the next couple of months, and then getting to the next stage.  They have hosts that are currently hosting dinners in test markets, those will be the first hosts to come on.  Once launched you will download the app, whether you are a host or a user.  The host will have a bit more information to enter initially to build a successful profile, to ensure that they are doing it for the right reasons.  As a host you will share pictures of food, where you work now, your passion for cooking, why you are doing what you are doing, genres of food you will prepare.

They will ensure they offer best practices on food safety, and food handling, etc.  Chez Dine will have in-home dining, homemade takeout and delivery, and a restaurant listing available.   Connecting people with like-minded people, if it is an amazing dish to share, or organic baby food to go, or a baker who makes cheesecakes.

They will have a crowd-funding campaign at the end of the month.  While the app is a great app, funding to get it going is needed.  Keeping the campaign fun is ideal.  Having incentives for funding is a good method, as well as approaching the community for support.  The businesses will be promoted through the campaign.  The platform for the crowd-funding will be on their social media when it goes up.

Once the app is up an running, there will be a connection to providing clean water in global communities.  Every plate that is shared a drop of water goes into a bucket (on the app) and once the bucket is full the funds can be donated to a clean water fund.

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