095 – An Ayahuasca Journey – with Jen

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Jen Stokes (past guest, Episode 93 – Chez Dine) joins us again to talk about her ayahuasca journey at La Luna Del Amazonas.

“Ayahuasca will call to you.”  Jen shares how she had heard of this type of journey from various sources in the past.  We all go through good and bad times, getting through the bad times – beginning to take care of yourself, spiritually and physically were the beginning of the journey.  It is one thing to hear or read about self-care, but it is another thing to put it into practice.  Jen had another opportunity in Peru she was involved in, for Chez Dine, and as well, decided to look into an ayahuasca experience also.  She had done some research prior to leaving for Peru.  Finding an authentic experience was a little difficult.  In speaking with people in Peru she heard 2 different stories on ayahuasca.  In her search for a more personal experience she found a centre that was a referral from another person who knew of an experience that sounded like what she was looking for.

From where she was staying it would take 3 to 4 days to get to the jungle.  Jen shares about her journey to get to Iquitos and the people she met along the way to the island.  Once at the centre participants are asked to share with the community, for example teaching english to local girls.  The centre itself is very minimalistic and rustic.  We talk about arriving at the centre, what it looked like, the other people there and leading up to her ayahuasca experience.

There are preparations before the ceremony, which Jen describes the preparation of the ayahuasca and their diet.  We then hear about how the ceremony begins and how the experience, for her, felt.  The experience can be from 8 to 12 hours long, and is performed during the evening.  She describes the shamans coming into the temple, how the temple looks and the feeling of the whole intense, eye-opening, experience.

Following the ceremony, Jen felt the need to capture her experience through journalling to ensure she could reflect upon her journey later.  She describes her meeting with the shaman afterwards and how her visions impacted on her.

All the connections, the freeing of her mind, karmic cleaning, coming home was a “culture shock”.  She could see how people make this an annual visit as part of their self-care.  She is a changed person, she feels different.  Her soul is cleansed.  Going through your subconscious is scary, but, it changes your life.

Ayahuasca, is not something to be taken lightly or without the guidance of a shaman.  When you are under the influence of ayahuasca you are confronted with all the things you have been trying to escape in your life.  You are dealing with it.  Ayahuasca opens the gate, there is no ego, it takes over and it forces you to look at it.

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