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Craig Robertson, from A1 Security, joins us today.  Security has changed over the years.  It is a connected world, all our systems are connected, the media is connected.  What is the impact of those connections and what are the vulnerabilities.  A1 Security is always assessing these factors and trying to come up with a good solution.

There are many situations that get captured now.  It is important to capture the information, but it is also important to maintain privacy.  The is so much data that is being stored it can be overwhelming.  Being able to search through this data is another piece of the puzzle.  For example, if you have a set of doors that you are concerned about and a bag is left in front of them, there are analytics available to recognize that.  Is it a potential dangerous situation, or is it simply someone has forgotten their bag there.

A retail business, for instance, can have tracking heat maps of people walking from one end of the store to the other.  What are people buying?  It is now an investment in your organization.  These types of analytics are out there and available.

Technology, as a whole, changes things.  It isn’t a negative thing, it’s just different.  Are you ready to be different with technology, or are you stuck?  We still need a human element to ensure information is usable.  To have the right data, and an efficient way to retrieve it is key.

The ability to provide information in a timely fashion, as well as operational benefits, that is how security has changed.

It is important to have mechanical security as well.  It isn’t just one thing that will solve your problem, it is a combination of mechanical, electronic, analytics, artificial intelligence, it all has to come together.  You don’t want to focus too much in one area.  If things are connected and if things are accessible to everybody, it may be good to create your own network.  Mechanical is basically anything that can be put in place to make it difficult for intrusions – safes, vaults, bars – something that is fixed.  You can install a front door, but you also can have a communication cable running to the doors (and windows).  Because door systems have become more complicated, in an effort to make your life easy, it creates an opportunity for other people to get in.  You just need to think of both sides of the coin.

Everyone has their own level of comfort.  It is the distinction of who you are, that determines your level of security.  You should always install something applicable to your needs.  An understanding of “why” the security is needed, helps to ensure that your security needs are met.  As people get older do they understand the technology, in some cases simple is better.  There are a variety of operational options out there, as well as security needs.  Security provides freedom.  There is also the freedom that allows people to remain in their homes and feel safer, and maintain their independence.  There is a lot of systems and processes that can be used in manufacturing as well.  A security device can track, a sensor or detector, for an operational use.


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