097 – An Open Roll Bonus Discussion

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Welcome to episode 97!  We have an open discussion on this bonus episode about the podcast.  The podcast has helped with conversation skills and listening versus waiting to speak.  Everybody has a story to share.  The sharing now goes out to a bigger audience, and it motivates.

We also talk about how the Joe Rogan podcast influenced the Open Roll Podcast.  On one episode there was a discussion about bitcoin.  This lead to some research into this type of currency and the lessons to learn about this type of investing.  It can be an education.

Charging stations for electric vehicles have been appearing in more places.  This leads to a discussion on what advances France is making.  How will this type of thinking change how charging stations will evolve.  As it evolves there will be changes to our thinking, it won’t necessarily be how we currently think.

We touch on how mobile phones have changed business.  We also touch on how currency is changing – where is it going.  Will we leave the traditional currency to go to a “new” currency?

We like to challenge your thinking.  We hope to have you thinking outside the box, to protect what you have in the box.

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