098 – Craig Shares a Few Tips for Business Security

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Mechanical, electronic, and possible remote access – these are the top suggestions for a business.  A private network not connected to the internet can be very important.  Sometimes there are advantages to not being connected to the web.  But if the business owner travels, it may be advantageous to being connected to the internet.  Sometimes, though, having everything connected to the web is opening too many doors.

Having sensors for what is working and what is failing uses the same equipment, just a different use.

Things to do to the house to ensure safety – having the ability to move around with a mobile button – depending on the comfort level (medical or emergency personnel) is an option.  A sensor that the medicine cabinet door is opened on a regular basis.  Security systems also have flood detectors for on the sump pump to help prevent damage and provide peace of mind.

Is where the “wealth” stored changing – is it stored in the cloud?  It isn’t just about “wealth” that people are after, it is subjective.  The Hamilton police have a very useful website on crime information/prevention/recent activities.  If this information is in the public, it provides a tool to help catch criminals.

We touch on panic rooms and how they are used.  It’s about having a contingency plan.  The goal is to make sure, whatever the situation is, or what the system is in place, how it works and what is the plan.  Your choice is be prepared, or not.

There is always a solution.  You are always just understanding why is the security company there, and where do they go.

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