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Our guest today is Andrew Gallagher, he is an artist.  You don’t often realize what you are to be doing, until you get to a certain point in your life.  Andrew was first inspired on a visit to Algonquin Part, and to the Art Centre there.  There he saw a painting by Tom Thompson of a birch scene, which truly struck him.  He felt the feeling of the wilderness from the painting.  Years later he was caught windbound while on Lake Opeongo, and he found himself drawing a nearby island to pass the time.  There was no place to set up camp, the woods were so dense.  He was trapped for 3 days, and drew the island over and over.  This was his start.

We all see art through our own experiences.  Andrew has had no formal training – what he has learned has been from looking at Group of Seven paintings in books and in art galleries and taking a look at nature.  His best paintings are the ones he can visualize the end product.

Social media has made selling art a possibility.  The most important part of the art is seeing the beauty and trying to get that across to the people who will view the painting, and hope they love it as much.  Hopefully, they will want to visit the place and see it and help protect the area.

Andrew has a website where he offers guiding services.  http://www.artofthenorth.ca/Camping_Guide.html  While hiking and camping he has met people from all over the world.  You make close connections with people in nature, you don’t get that on a city corner.  It is easy to stay in touch now with social media.

Andrew finds home internet could easily become too big of a distraction.  “Through discipline comes freedom.” (Aristotle)  While the internet and social media can become a great platform for selling art, it can also require great discipline to avoid getting caught up in it, rather than creating that art.

Looking at the art, then you contact and get to know the artist – you see the passion for the nature and the art.  It is not necessary to be in large city centres to be an artist.  We have a discussion of the limitless art possibilities of the Killarney area in northern Ontario.  Andrew can lead excursions in this area.  There are some of the clearest lakes in the area.

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