103 – Part 2 – BrainsView with Vera

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Welcome to Part 2 with Vera from BrainsView, we continue where we left off from Part 1.

It is fascinating how somedays our bodies do not perform the way we think they should.  Weather can affect migraines, why would nature not affect how we perform.  Think of the full moon and it’s affect on emergency rooms.

There is so much in natural medicine that has been used for previous generations that we can learn from.  There is so much information out there, you need to be tuned in to it.

BrainsView is one of 15 finalists for the Lion’s Lair competition this year.  They are participating in workshops on how to develop their “pitch”.  It then goes to 10 finalists in July, with the winner announced in September in Hamilton at a gala.

Hamilton is developing and evolving, providing opportunities that are not always available in the larger cities.  There is so much here in Ontario and Canada in the talent, the technology, everything is here.

There is something that face to face interaction brings.  It is in the interaction, it is an emergent property.  All behaviour is an emergent property of the brain.  Our brains develop in a radial expansion – outward in all directions.  A simple thing becomes complex.

The hope is that this technology, in BrainsView, becomes a marker of the “black box” that is our brain, and we can now look at, quantify it, define it, characterize it, and then track it over time.  Our brains recognize patterns and deviations.  Translating the deviations into something that can be identified is the goal.  Everything is becoming smaller and more available.



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