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Emma from Healthy Pets is our guest today.  Healthy Pets started when Emma’s dog was really sick.  They adopted a yellow labrador retriever.  He had a rare disease called lung worm.  The process of going to the vet and getting this analyzed and on to recovery has been a lengthy and costly process.  They were going into the vet frequently, many of the visits resulted in short costly, regardless of the length of visit or outcome.  Really, all that was needed was answers and reassurance.  Going to the internet to try and resolve the issue is futile, as it is difficult to diagnose based on the broad answers on the internet.

A pet will always need vet visits, but there are also instances where you simply need advice or answers (sometimes after-hours) for concerns.  There has to be a better way – we need “Tele-Health” for Pets.

In talking to veterinarians and pet owners Emma asked, what problems arise when people simply looking for answers come into the clinic and also are these crises with pets occurring after regular office hours.  This compelled Emma to create a video conferencing site, which connects veterinarians and pet owners.  Pet owners can subscribe or pay for a one-time consultation.  Allowing access day or night to a veterinarian.  This can address so many issues.  Of course, this does not take away from the need for some clinic visits, but it can optimize clinic hours.

You would set up an account and you would be able to choose the appropriate veterinarian for your pet, within your area.  You would then book an appointment and you would receive an email confirming the details.

The Ontario veterinarian industry is highly regulated and strict, so, knowing that their requirements are met, means that the service provided is of high quality for other areas.

Getting funding for this business, was not easy initially.  Participating in competitions such as Lion’s Lair and Dragon’s Den, and other competitions has helped with some of the financing.  There are many programs that support entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial journey can take you down many different roads.  Sometimes it is about providing value and a bigger purpose, more than the money.  There can be many sacrifices, but it is about finding your passion.

If you find what drives you, all of that “stuff”, the money, whatever, doesn’t matter anymore.



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