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Elliott from Collective Arts Brewing joins us today.  Collective Arts likes to help the “little guy” get their art and music out there.  Collective Arts is a Hamilton, Ontario, based brewery.

Craft breweries make high quality beer.  It is a niche market.  There is a personal touch from the smaller breweries.  Collective Arts has incredible events that showcase their passion for the arts.  People from all over the world submit art to them, and they select from the entries, and then the art is showcased on the containers.  The art can be various different formats or designs.

The brewery has been there for 31/2 years.  The first brew was Rhyme and Reason and that started the company.  If you believe in it, it’s going to happen.  They are not just a beer company, having the art projects the product further.  The artwork changes on a regular basis.  It is always fresh.  There have been over 400 different cans.

They will be having a project to add murals to a plain wall near the patio at the brewery.  It is outside, it will be over the course of 5 weeks to have artists participate and people to enjoy.  The brewery is on the cusp of the industrial and art communities.  This is indicative of who they are.

They have people travel to try out the craft beer, as well as locals who enjoy the beverages.  In the past couple of years they have started selling beer across Canada, and now recently, into a few states in the U.S.  The U.S. has a big craft beer scene.  The quality of their beer really fits into that community.  They offered tastings in a few places, one of which was a record store.  This was like a giant party at a record store.  They have also recently done a collaboration brew with a brewery from the U.S. as well.  Sharing good beer, with good beer lovers.  Collaboration brews, involve the brewmasters meet and decide on the hops, including countries in Europe.

Social media is key to being well-received.  For series starts, there is a large party at the brewery.  There is music, and a visual art experience.

They have a year-round offering.  But they also have seasonal beers, depending on the creativity on the brewmaster.  They come up with the ideas, creating incredible beers.  Some are limited, they are only averrable for a limited time.  They like to keep it fresh.

The local community in Hamilton like to support one another.

Collective Arts is also a great music venue, they have had a few large venues in the area.  They advertise the events on their social media.  The retail store also has an area for enjoying the beverages and smaller events.


Collective Arts Brewing

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