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Our guests today are Sarosha and Adnan from Aiva Labs.  Websites are important – they are like a billboard.  Aiva Labs created a tool that does not require you to do any additional coding on your website to create campaigns (ie capturing leads, engaging social media followers, promoting events and videos, or offering discounts, at opportune times.  They use AI to test the campaigns on the fly, eliminating the guessing, saving time and money.

Anyone trying to sell something on their website is an ideal user.  Trying to put a video on your website can be very difficult.  Aiva Labs has a tool that allows you to put the video on your website with no coding and you can control when and how it plays, with sound or without, how frequently, etc.  Visitors can engage and sign up for further information.

This tool integrates directly with your existing website.  The tool is simple to manipulate, it is very easy to use with no coding experience.  This ideal for small businesses.  Buttons for example can be customized by colour, size, etc, all of which you can do yourself.  Mobile viewing is also built in to allow for easier use on mobile devices.  The main goal is to give away powerful technology for small businesses to use themselves.

Having the buttons and videos work on a mobile device is very important, as more and more people are using mobile devices to be online.  It isn’t always about a sale, it is also about engaging the user, and the experience.  You need to build the trust to get the sale.

Normally, you would need designers, developers, and marketers, costing quite a bit of money.  This tool is the full suite of anything a business would want to do on their website.  It picks up on how the user is using the website, it interacts.  It isn’t just about engaging, but tracking, providing information and analytics.

You can sign up for free on their website.  Usually you would go to a marketing agency to determine if you would need a contact form, or have people be able to call you.  They would run these types of campaigns for you.  How people are acting when seeing different colour buttons can be amazing.  The guesswork of the colour can be taken away by using the computer and AI.  The demographics and data are amazing.  You can think of AI as a friend or a foe.  People can be worried that AI will come in and take over jobs, but AI will actually help make jobs more efficient.  As you become more efficient machines can do the meaningless tasks, while humans can focus on creative aspects.  The email list is essential.  You can contact people and do ad targets.


Aiva Labs  https://aivalabs.com

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on LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10577826/

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