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Our guest today is Melanie from Studio 205.  She has always been a maker, since childhood, anything crafty or handmade.  There was a space nearby that she ran a marketplace on Sundays in the summer months.  Building on that she thought having an actual brick and mortar shop to have the makers sell their products year round was developed.

Social media is the main online communication.  Instagram drives a lot of business to the store – many people will follow, see the posts.  This is the main source of marketing.  With the makers, they all cross-promote, so all the makers promote Studio 205.  The goal is to post everyday, of her own posts, or another maker’s post.

Newspaper ads are not as effective as social media.  Looking at your demographics on your social media helps you determine which direction to take with your campaigns and target audiences.  Creating events that target audiences is an idea, as well as having campaigns with neighbouring shops to draw in people.

The best way for makers to get in touch with Studio 205 is by email, and pitch their product, like a job interview.  They need to get a feel for how serious the maker is about the business.

A maker does not need a huge space to operate out of, many work out of their homes.  It is a growing business.  You are helping the small business, a family, the economy, it has a warm feeling.

The shop carries a wide array of products, and they also offer workshops, as well as coffee, lattes and teas.


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Studio205Ham/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/studio205ham?lang=en

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/studio205/

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