109 – Studio 205 – Part 2 with Melanie

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Today we have part 2 with Melanie from Studio 205.  Studio 205 has been in their location, in Hamilton, for 2 and a half years.  Thrifty Designer is next door.  They were hoping to open a shop to compliment the neighbouring stores.  Her focus is on Studio 205 now, it is her niche, she is a maker and that is more up her alley.

Being business owners, as well as property owners, gives a different perspective on changes to the city of Hamilton.  The LRT (light rail transit) system that is to be put in can have various impacts on a business that is directly on the route.  Is Hamilton going to have something outdated by the time it is completed?  Educating herself as things progress is the best way to be a part of the changes.  Studio 205 (and Thrifty Designer) are right on the route.  That area is a very narrow corridor and it will have a lot of affects on the shop.  They will possibly have a lot of struggles with construction, equipment, traffic, and proposed changes, not to mention the infrastructure.  Protection of their property they own, as well as the businesses they run, or are run by tenants is a big concern.

There will be obstacles in your journey of having a business.  There will be positives and negatives, it’s how you deal with them.  The city is growing, shops change.  How can you work together as a community.  Educating yourself on situations is key.

It is becoming so diverse with many smaller/micro businesses.  Having all the pieces for a neighbourhood and a community to allow for a walk and shop mentality is ideal.  Downtown Hamilton has diversity, theatre, art gallery, it is all within walking distance.

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