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What’s a virtual assistant?  Hayley Sweet of Copper Consulting is our guest today to share her story.

Most entrepreneurs think they need to be up and running before getting an assistant. Wasting your billable time with tasks that are not your unique ability, is that – a waste. Having a virtual assistant allows entrepreneurs to make sales and also allows them to work in their zone of genius   The virtual assistant will do the tasks you don’t want to, or know how to, do. The virtual assistant world fell into Hayley’s world through social media. Working for a corporate agency has its problems and difficulties. She realized from a previous venture she needed more than one of her to help accomplish all the tasks. Thinking entrepreneurialship wasn’t for her Hayley went back to working for a large corporation. Realizing that all the tasks she did for a corporate job she would be able to do now for other entrepreneurs, she wanted to make the virtual assistant business work.
Administrative work, for example, emails build up; having a virtual assistant to respond or file emails to a separate file for later review. Setting up email marketing campaigns. Putting together content for email newsletters or blogs.  As well as schedule the social media and or email.
There are various packages available. There is a freedom in knowing that the task is done. You don’t have to worry, you are freeing up brain space.
You can do so much more because there is much more that is virtual now. If you set up automation properly your business can give the impression of a larger company. There is a way to set things up using tools that are free or you pay for as you need more.  You hire someone so you can focus on your unique ability.
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