111 – The Value of a Team – with Dan Sullivan

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Our guest today is Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach.

Dan is a “news junkie”, he uses aggregation sites online to read 10 to 15 articles that he finds interesting.  Mainstream media is getting more extreme.  Their backstage meetings show that their audience is dropping, the entire mainstream media is in a state of panic, there are fewer and fewer people listening to them.  More and more individuals are switching over to their favourite podcasts.  A podcast can be listened to again and passed along, it continues to grow exponentially.

In the past there were the news magazines and the major television networks, as well as radio programs.  People don’t want to be told what to think about.  Podcasts work because of the informality of it, there is no Hollywood production values.  We are tired of the hype.  We are interested in how other people think about things.

Dan loves the ability to search the internet, randomly going from link to link, making up the path as you go.  Each day you learn new things.  People are able to self-teach themselves on a various number of topics.

We are going through a period right now (over the past 50 years) everything is in flux, politically, economically, culturally, the game board is being rearranged.

Electronic downloads of books has just passed the 25% mark of total book sales per year.  The number of books is increasing.  The number of independent book stores in the United States declined when the Kindle came in.  Kindle can suggest books the reader may be interested in, based on your reading history.  There is much more independent choice being made in a physical store by walking in and looking.  We touch on the rise in interest in vinyl albums, and sound quality.  We also discuss how cars are evolving and the computer on wheels that is the Tesla.  The future is the software, it isn’t the hardware.

Using Apple, all the systems are the same, there isn’t a learning curve.  You use what is easiest and what is most pleasurable.  Are you making people work real hard to get what you are trying to sell them?  It’s the too much thinking competition.  We need to get out of the way of ourselves.  Dan creates a framework for people to get into their own thinking, that is where the gold is.  Initially, get things to 80% – to the outsider it looks like 100%, but for you, get it to 80%.  The marketplace will appreciate the value of what you did on the first version and will give you feedback on what can be better on the second attempt.  It is all experimentation and innovation.  The brain is the hardware, some people are born with very powerful hardware, and some with modest hardware.  The question if that makes for a successful life, sometimes having a very powerful brain can get in the way.  The mind is the ability to go out into the world and connect.  You get questions and insights you wouldn’t necessarily have had before.  Now your mind is expanded spending time with others.  The mind is built, through connections out in the world, especially with other people’s thinking.

Dan has designed a system where every quarter he is contact with, already talented and successful and ambitious entrepreneurs.  He gets the benefit of their experimentations and thinking, it has an impact on his own mind.  There are many capabilities you develop, if you maximize the use of these, you need to see the importance of those capabilities.  You need to create a team around you.

Having a conversation with one person, that can be shared out to others, that is exponential.



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