113 – A conversation about decentralizing – with Harrison

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Today, Harrison (Westdale 3D Printing) drops by to chat with us about decentralizing, bitcoin, and 3D printing.  The psychology of investing – hindsight is always 20/20.

Initially, upon hearing about bitcoin, people were naturally skeptical about it.  We aren’t open to new currencies or new ways of thinking.  How do we recognize something as currency.

3D Printing is making manufacturing local and cheap.  Harrison is noticing more people coming in looking to print prototypes.  The materials that can be printed with now are continually expanding.  This leads us into a discussion of how soldiers have outposts that are responsible for patrolling.  Those outposts are relying on supply chains – 3D printing can help eliminate this.  Supply of materials to repair things in remote places can be handled by 3D printing.  Even using 3D printers for space travel is becoming more viable.

Harrison touches on how investment casting is becoming more feasible, and more cost effective, than it was traditionally.  Little 3D print shops can be more competitive with larger manufacturing companies.  You can experiment with products.  It will decentralize manufacturing.  Things are changing so fast.

Exploring cryptocurrency is good for education purposes – there is so much information to learn about.  It is a good research experiment.  There are many different forms of cryptocurrency.  You really need to do the research before you decide to do any type of investing.  Right now it is very hard to use as currency as many places are not accepting it for services.  We don’t have a crystal ball to see in the future to know how things will perform.  When something goes social, it can be over-hyped with all the social media.

You can learn from people whose opinions differ from yours.  At least see how things can affect your industry.  Things can shift so quickly, you don’t know when an industry will align with yours.  Everything keeps evolving.  Open yourself up to change and the way to do things.







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