114 – Wired for Story – with Mike Ulmer

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Mike Ulmer is our returning guest today.  Mike is putting together a podcast called RadioU – it is a network, a collection of voices, that speak about amazing things and fantastic stories.

We have had a few guests on our podcast who have gone on to have their own podcasts.  Mike after being on the podcast previously was inspired to start his own podcast.  As a writer Mike always enjoyed the interview – so to be able to do just the interview part is great.

People can write, everyone has the ability.  Put your own voice down, and eliminate everything else and you can write.  We are all our own worst critics.  If your subject is kind then the interview should be a great one.

It can be disheartening, if you have a podcast, watching the download numbers, or comparing yourself to other podcasts.  What’s more important is what’s your message, who is your audience, what are they trying to do.  If you are reaching the right number of people for your podcast you are doing well.  The idea of a podcast becoming laser focused and being something for 10 people, and the right people, that makes for the sweet spot, and thrive.  A podcast is a gift to the listener, at the time they want to listen, on a topic they want to listen to.

What is the power of words?  We are wired to take and assimilate stories.  The power of a story of someone you don’t know is amazing.  We’ve been telling stories longer than we’ve been writing them.  Technology is allowing oral storytelling to become popular again.  Technology can be used to restore traditional values.  A good story being told is impossible to ignore.

RadioU.ca is not live yet, but a link will be provided as soon as it is available.  It is a community of people sharing and people bringing their content.  On the website will be the links to all the social media as well.

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