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Our guest today is Krista Wright of Recruiting Concepts.   What value does a recruiter bring?  Krista’s aim is always to protect her clients.  She helps her clients take a more meticulous approach then the end result is a long lasting fit, a good fit for the company’s personality.  What is the candidate experience?  There is as much importance placed on a candidate’s view of a company and whether they think that company is worthy of them joining.  Now the interview is more of a meeting in the middle.  So, she will also help the company with their presence to the candidates.

Her client groups tend to be in 3 different groups.  Busy entrepreneurs – they don’t have time to take away from business to do interviews.  Bigger companies that don’t have in-house human resources – managers are doing their own hiring and it is inconsistent.  And, the company with a human resources person who would rather have a recruiter take care of the selection and the process.

Krista does the sourcing, the selection process.  She partners up with the company to ensure that they don’t feel they are doing this alone.  She ensures that there is a character fit, and makes the process collaborative.  Each company is different and each have a unique process.

Krista has ensured that she has meditation, workouts and other tools to keep her positive and focused.  For example, 50/10, in which a person works for 50 minutes and takes a small break to move around for 10 minutes – this keeps you motivated and resets your energy – otherwise most people will just keep pushing through and working.

In having personal conversations, to see who they are as people, to see if they are a fit for the job.  When meeting with a client, she will meet with them in their space, and get to know them personally.  She positions herself as if she is invested in the company.

Krista has been reading 10X, Start with Why, and Purple Cow.  These are 3 different business books, but all have value.  She has started reading for business and is enjoying it.

After the show we talk about who interviews the people for the clients, what a group interview is, and also how Krista got started in recruiting.


Website:  http://www.recruitingconcepts.ca

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/kristawright16

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/10357152/

Links mentioned in the show:

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Books mentioned:

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Purple Cow by Seth Godin

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