117 – What is a CRM?

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This week we are talking about CRMs or customer relationship management software.  We recently purchased a subscription to a CRM program.

Many times we are faced with projects, when will we see the completion of the project; helps identify who the contact and organization is; and track the project from start to completion.

The CRM is like another member of our team.  Using the CRM as a central place to keep track of contacts, communications, and notes, makes it easier to be on top of those contact relationships and tasks or projects.  Everything is tracked, also ideas and projects that are started can be completed.

It is important to have email to keep in touch with people.  The phone is not being used as a way of communicating nearly as much.

You need to do research to see what CRM fits for your needs.  What do you want it to achieve for your business?  What is compatible to your office computers?

Are you using your email inbox as a storage area?  Things can get buried deeper and deeper.  The CRM will help you find those communications and organize the emails.

It can take time to learn how to use the technology – down the road it can actually save time.

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