118 – On location at Action Coach – with Dan H.

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Today we are joining Dan Holstein in his Rev Up Your Business YouTube series.

Jurgen shares his story of how he got started in Financial Planning and the podcast.  Many times in your journey you will probably ask yourself “why do you do this?”.  You learn over the years, as an entrepreneur, the value you bring, and that gives the confidence in your skills.

Dan and Jurgen are members in a business networking group.  Check out Episode 84 for more details on the BNI group and the networking and referral process.

Dan was working in I.T. and running into challenges in his business – working way to long, needed a team – and ran into a business coach who helped him get things in order.  This brought him to Action Coach.  He realized the shift in change through having a coach, it is a different world.  He wanted to help other people face these challenges and get that change, to see their business grow, and have more life.

Technology helps reach more people.  Having a positive impact on people is important.  Part of the reason for Rev Up Your Business and the Open Roll Podcast is to share ideas and strategies whenever and wherever.  It is about putting good stuff out into the World.  As a host of a video series or a podcast, you get different experiences, ideas, and mindsets.

Dan Holstein has a tool that helps business owners get lost time back.  Email Dan for this tool:  danholstein@actioncoach.com

Jurgen has a book about his mind mapping financial plans technique contact jurgen@jkrfinancial.com to get a digital copy of this book.

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