119 – The Art of The Fail – with Kristian and Chris

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Our guests today are Chris and Kristian from The Art of the Fail podcast.

What was the inspiration?  Startups in Canada was created as a resource – to be a hub for Canadian businesses.  Chris was drawn to Kristian’s idea after being inspired by a recent trip to Silicon Valley.  They started talking about what could be done for start-ups in Canada, the podcast was a natural progression.  It is completely raw.

A startup is a company that seeks a business model of infinite scale.  The smart phone is where all the attention is.  There are hubs all over the world that are trying to be startup areas like a Silicon Valley.  This can’t be replicated, and nor should it be.  Each area should have its own niche.

Bruha is an event listing and ticketing platform.  On the site you can see the events that are in the area and buy tickets for these events.  If an event planner has an event they can post it on the site to sell tickets.  They are working on an opportunity for event organizers to increase their ticket sales with “promoter” the event can be sent to various possible promoters.  Essentially, the intention is to help increase ticket sales.  Events are all across the spectrum, music, art, spiritual, etc.

Obie.ai is a virtual assistant to help companies access and organize their collective knowledge documentation.  It is similar to siri but for businesses.  The next wave of computing will be conversational – in other words  we will speak to software.

Using social media, takes time, patience, and experimenting.  You can’t predict these things, or know when sites will shut down.  Not being afraid to fail.  We talk about setting up the mic for a podcast and trying to get the settings right.  Initially it can be best to just get started, get “it” out there, instead of being too cautious.  Just run, see what happens.


Startups in Canada http://startupsincanada.com/about-us/

The Art of The Fail podcast:  http://theaotf.com

Bruha  https://bruha.com

Obie.ai  http://obie.ai

Chris:  https://twitter.com/chrisbuttenham


Kristian:  https://twitter.com/krisborghesan?lang=en


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