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Today’s guest is Jim DeLuca.  Why did Jim create “Digital Road to a Sale”?  Was he more afraid of change or redundancy?  He decided to change rather than become redundant.

Historically, car dealers had the advantage of holding information over clients – with the internet this changed.  The automotive industry needs to move from a process driven transaction to a customer centric experience.  Consumers don’t mind being knowledgeable, they know what they want, there is no need for an antiquated needs analysis.

We went from compiling data in the form of a profile, which wasn’t necessarily accurate.  The biggest game-changer is live-streaming video – real time experiences.  Go out and create that first video, even if it sucks.  By having this as your benchmark you can only improve.  Your message is what is important.  You have to embrace technology – age is not an excuse.

We have collected data in reverse chronological order on social media.  In the information age you are the sum of the data you have collected, real or unreal.  In the experience age, you are just you, who you are in the moment.  Social media is all about giving you a perspective and getting feedback.  If you want engagement, you need to have people have more “emotion” than simply “liking” your posts.  Engagement drives traffic and views.  If someone comments you must comment back, you must give the stimulus.  One of the keys to live-streaming, there must be acknowledgement to people to ensure the level of engagement.  We are more conscious of time now than ever.  The value of 5 seconds of time has certainly changed.

People will make inquiries en masse.  If you respond immediately, and a competitor responds 3 hours later, that competitor’s response shows up first in the recipient’s mailbox.  People research in “micro-moments”.  We talk about how this has impacted on the car sales industry.

Top social platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  The analytics of Instagram are incredible, as well as simple to understand.  The feed will reflect based on what you have “liked”.  Twitter searches are great for information and data.  You can reach so many people with a Facebook account and ads using your followers or look-alike audiences.  Youtube is the second largest search engine.  On Youtube you can create content that people will search for.  Google gives preference to video content.  We talk further about using Google for your small business and levelling the play field between the small and the big.

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