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Today our guests are Mallory and Kaleah from BridesMade.

Typically, if you have been asked to be a bridesmaid, you have signed up for a shopping trip for the style of dress, an alteration, and final alteration.  BridesMade has a process that helps eliminate some of that time, as well as the waste of the dress after the wedding.  It isn’t always easy to get all the bridesmaids together, as some may live out of town, out of province, or out of country.

On the website, the different colour options are available, and swatches can be ordered.  All bridesmaids in your party will be aligned with the same stylist.  You can rent or buy the dress.  All the dresses are size adjustable.  They ship through FedEx and Canada Post.

After writing down several problems to solve (as entrepreneurial ideas) Mallory had written down special occasion dresses – why buy them.  Fast forward to a friend complaining about being a bridesmaid.  People complaining about the bridesmaid dress was a problem that she thought she could solve.  The cost, the alterations, were a couple of the complaints she heard.  From there, she started working with Kaleah.

There is a blog on the BridesMade site, a weekly blog regarding being a bride, and a secondary series about the bachelorette party.  The blog provides some value to customers, the information is something that can help with planning.  There is a team approach to putting together the blog.

Currently, the dresses are rented Canada-wide.  As demand rises, distribution hubs can be set up outside of Canada.  If the wedding is outside of Canada, as long as someone is in Canada to receive the package, the dress can be taken to the wedding outside of Canada.

There is a lot of information regarding planning a wedding on their social media sites.


Website:  https://bridesmade.ca

Blog:  https://bridesmade.ca/blogs/blog

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bridesmade.ca

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