124 – What is SEO? – with Kyle Andrew

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Past guest Kyle joins us to chat.

Google is more of a suggestion tool based on data it has collected and input you have given it.  Google gives you what it thinks what you want to see.  This is part of search engine optimization.

We talk about in the beginning of the Open Roll Podcast, our goal was to get to 10 episodes, then to 50, now we are at 124.

Kyle talks about first learning about crypto-currency.  The psychology of investing, you need to invest what you are comfortable to invest.  Hindsight always makes it easier to see what you could have done.

Kyle’s new website is www.48long.com  It is his jacket size.  Kyle likes to dress well, and doing research on behalf of a community of men, as well as himself.  There is not a lot of advice out there.  A search of “big and tall” takes you to shops, not to information.  A brand new website may have a hard time initially getting traffic due to lack of content and not optimized on search engines.  If you don’t list well on search engines, your website does not come up as readily.  You have to make sure google knows how to read what you are trying to say.

How do you get people with a similar question to your blog post back to your website to find the answer?  The keyword for SEO should be on the webpage, blog post, meta description, the title of the post, as well as the first paragraph of the post, as well as associated with any images for the post.

Driving people to your website helps to build your email list.  Using a service like Mailchimp allows you to connect with people who are interested in your contact.  It isn’t enough to just put out good content.  Who is seeing it?  How are they seeing it?  Website content matters in the first 6 months.  Content and traffic matters later.

Kyle is reading Deep Work, by Cal Newport.  The mobile phone/device can be very important to work, and also a big distraction.  You can’t focus if something keeps taking your attention.  It is about being able to let people know if you are expecting a call, rather than giving your attention to the person there with you.  People scroll endlessly, and aimlessly.

It is a casual conversation brings information to light.  A place for you to start your research.  You have to get started and learning as you evolve.  Just get it out there, just do it.

Kyle has recently purchased an iPad Pro and has found it to be an invaluable, powerful, tool.  This allows him to produce content more immediately.

Kyle’s website:  http://www.48long.com

Kyle’s blog:  https://www.48long.com/blog/

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