125 – An Open Roll Discussion with Joe and Trevor

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We have Trevor, a tax specialist, and Joe, a fantasy football podcaster, joining us today.

Joe, is building his brand, using online technology and social media.

We talk about books that everyone is reading, and books to recommend.  Joe likes to use Audible to listen to books while multi-tasking.

There is also a touch on Canadian politics and paleo-conservatives.  Trevor offers his perspective.

Trevor describes himself as a “tax mercenary”, he is focused on making sure people maximize their life’s work.

We discuss how battle strategies, and history relate to business.  The principles tie into business, most comes out of military applications.  You will have a plan, you need to have contingencies.

Joe talks about click funnels.  He has been learning more about this strategy for online marketing.  He discusses his podcast format and what fantasy football is.

Friedrich Hayek Road to Serfdom

Atlas Shrugged

The mask of masculinity

Stanley McChrystal

Ariel Sharon

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