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Our guest today is Kristi from Tundra Leather.

They have been in business for 27 years.  There has been a leather shop on King Street (in Hamilton) since 1961.  When her father was young he took leather working at a summer camp and developed an interest and as he grew up worked at the leather shop that was located on King Street.  When the original store was going to close he took over the business and opened his own shop.  He was now able to do custom leather work, and stock products the previous shop did not carry.  In 2015, Kristi’s father passed away, and she did not want to see the shop close.  It has always been a part of her.

Leaving her job in finance she came to work at Tundra Leather.  It has been their 2 best years.

She has learned so much from working at the shop.  She has jumped in.  They teach classes and workshops now at the shop, such as putting hardware into leather, stamping, dyeing, how to make mittens or a belt.  The classes are fun.  People are coming because they are wanting to get into leatherwork.  They want to create things.

We need to take a break from the “every day” and enjoy some free time, take vacation, shut off from business, read.  It is valuable to have staff you can trust.  Working with a team.

Tundra Leather uses social media for showcasing their products.  Evolving has been a part of the process.  Time savings in something as simple as making labels for the products they sell.  It’s all about learning to make things better.  Where can improvements be made.

Kristi took a photography course to help with her pictures on social media and the website.  Having content that is interesting and appealing is beneficial to promoting the shop.  Lighting is a big difference to her pictures.  Where to have focus, consistency and backgrounds.  Pictures make a huge difference.


To Contact Tundra Leather:  www.tundraleather.ca


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