130 – On Location in Costa Rica – with Wilbert

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Today we are on location in Costa Rica, with Wilbert of Wil-mart in Costa Rica.

This podcast has been in the making for 2 years.  The podcast is recorded in the shop, at the check-out counter.  They are a supermarket, but much more, they sell alcohol,  there is a Friday night jam session, a brewery in the back, and fish and chips next door.  There is an apartment on the second floor of the shop.  They are building rental units for future rentals.

There was nothing on the property previously.  They replanted trees on the area to keep the green area.  Replanting keeps the area fresh and looking beautiful.

A customer comes in looking for fish, and Wilbert recommends coming back for fresh fish.  Customers are tourists from all over the World.  Many customers are repeat customers and they like to offer value.

More from Costa Rica to come.

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