133 – Bliss Thai Yoga Massage – with Paula

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Paula joins us from Bliss Thai Yoga Massage.

Bliss is the feeling Paula had after receiving and learning thai yoga massage.  She fell in love with this style of massage.  The client is put into gentle yoga poses and helps you stretch.  It is a full body massage, you get the blood flowing, it is an active massage.  It is doing stretches you can’t do on your own.  Giving you more mobility and flexibility.

Paula wanted to put together a Yoga Retreat, but she didn’t want to do something local.  She wanted to create a retreat that was her own.  She didn’t want it to be a “guided” retreat put together by a centre.  She was making it more as an ideal trip to Bali, as a retreat.  She has a consultant who has helped with the plans of what will work.  She will have a yoga instructor along to lead the yoga part of the retreat.

A part of living life, was taking big leaps outside of the comfort zone.  Who you are, is going to take you to where you want to go.

Paula uses Facebook and post cards to get the message of the retreat out there.  Speaking to people allowed her to create connections.  She knew the stores that she had been to and the connection she had made.  People who request information are sent details and newsletters are sent out to email contacts to keep updated.

People say “it’s on my bucket list” – it is stepping out of your comfort zone.  You have to jump in with 2 feet and commit.  You get confidence from doing things.

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