134 – A Business Software Conversation – with Ryan from LinxSmart

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Today Ryan Barichello is our guest from LinxSmart, he is also a past guest on the Open Roll Podcast.

They create business software that can be run on a remote device through a browser.  Remote availability is a big part, and the ability to have multiple users, every day it becomes easier to create custom software.  This solves problems for businesses that could not necessarily have been solved before.

First it is important to identify why you would need custom software.  Is there something on the “shelf” that can resolve the problem, or 90% of the problem.  Perhaps you need custom software for only 10% of the solution.

If people are making objective decisions it is easy to predict, it is when people are making subjective decisions that it becomes a lot more difficult and less cost effective.  If you have to run a process a couple times a year that costs $200 then do it the way you are doing it, but if you are doing that process several times that can be costing thousands.  It is much easier to build software to give you a higher return on investment within a year in the case of higher volumes.  It depends on the process and the frequency.  The target is to have a return on investment within a year.

A large amount of the planning is done even before the commitment to the project.  There is a consulting phase with the client, everything is pulled out and define requirements.  Until you start building and start using the software do you realize what else can be done.  It comes down to good design and flexibility.

If there are unique business functions that are specific to the way that your business operates, which are not covered in off the shelf software, ideally you should be building that as a custom piece of software that connects to your CRM (customer relationship management software).

We touch on the camera on the inside of the Tesla and having other people share your car, sharing your assets, collection of data and the longevity of vehicles running on software.

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