136 – Social Media – a chat with Kyle Andrew

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Today, Kyle drops by the Open Roll studio to have a chat with us about social media, how it has changed.

We talk about Instagram stories, and how they have evolved.

Kyle does some web design and is re-designing his own website.  The site needed a simpler approach and to reflect his brand.  He enjoys the problem solving of getting content onto the site, and ensure the updates to the media is current.  Do most people feel they aren’t challenged enough, and not have their problem solving skills engaged to keep them from being bored?  The average job doesn’t allow for problem solving.

Social media uses math algorithms to decide what to show you in your feed.  You won’t see everyone’s posts, you will see the posts that are mathematically determined that you will want to see.  The formula is designed to show more ads.  Information is collected and what ads will be most effective to people.

To ensure your content is seen, time of day for your post is important to keep in mind.  When do people use social media?  What do you do?  What is your goal?  You have to stay focused on your goal.  When and how do you boost posts?  Watching how posts work, and working with those parameters, gets your posts out there.

People now have a sense of immediacy with communications.  It is important to keep in mind personal contact vs business contact vs fan contact.  You have to pick the best way to contact people.  Where is the most appropriate place to contact the person.

Separating data from self-worth can be a struggle.  You can’t attach your self-worth to “likes”.

We discuss people using news off of social media as ways to prove points without doing their own fact checking.  People have to be aware of the source of the information.  Has a math algorithm told people what to think?

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