139 – Technology and How it Impacts Us – with Robert

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Today our guest is Robert Maxwell of TGT Solutions.

Robert also attends the Strategic Coach workshops in Toronto.

Robert helps other entrepreneurs profit through technology.  Technology is a tool.  How will you make that work for you.  There are changes every day.  There is technology that can benefit me, and where is technology going.

We touch on A.I. (artificial intelligence) – what it is, and how it can be used for repetitive tasks.  It is about being aware of your process.  How do you benefit from this technology?  What are you going to do with the time that is freed up by technology?  How will you best make use of this technology?

In terms of technology there are very few industries that won’t be touched by it.  How can institutions like universities compete with technology.  If the objective is education, there are many places to get that education.  But university is about interaction, experience, and interchange.  Institutions will change.

Technology is ever-increasingly in our world.  You may not like it, but you should become comfortable with it.  It is not going away.

Technology is available that can predict things for you.  Learn how to trust it in the right ways.  People can use technology for good.  It is about adaptation to technology.  Using technology to free up time vs protecting your identity.  You must understand that it is important to be aware, do you choose to use it, or choose to not use it.  Do what works for you.

It is about choices and how you use it.  How do you best use it?  Master your environment.



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